Building The Future. Restoring The Past!
Building The Future. Restoring The Past!
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I was a first time home builder and I didn’t have a lot of experience in building homes.

My home I believe presented a challenge, in that I wanted to retain as much as I could from

my parents home but also create a comfortable retirement home in which to live. 

The outcome achieved was new home but with a number of features of the old home

which hold great sentimental importance to me. Joe very clearly helped me to achieve this.

I don’t believe it was an easy outcome for him to achieve but I am very happy with

the old / new home. I believe we were able to achieve, not only an aesthetically great looking

home but one which also contained sentimental aspects.

I observed Gilberto has excellent management skills with his sub-contractors on a personal

level and also excellent communication skills.

Concerning the quality and detail of my new home, I have received feedback from persons

involved in appraising homes that my new home is "WELL BUILT” and a "QUALITY HOME”


I would also like to include that I felt personally supported by Gil to achieve the vision that

was my home even though, before he began the thought was daunting to me. 

Thankyou also for all the small jobs you did for me!


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